Sunday, 8 August 2010

Nivasie houses for Sri Lankan housemaids to suit their purse

A new housing scheme catering to Sri Lankan housemaids who work abroad is being introduced by Nivasie Developers (Pvt.) Ltd. a fully owned subsidiary of International Construction Consortium Ltd. (ICC).
Herman S. Gonsal, Managing Director /CEO of the company said most of these housemaids work hard to look after their families and one of their dreams is to own a house of their own here in Sri Lanka. The main problem they faced is that their savings from working overseas are not sufficient to build a house.
Nivasie Developers will step in to complete even a section of the house for them to suit their financial situation, he said. He noted that they can complete the house part by part after they have settled in a small section with one room and a kitchen. Nivasie will undertake the responsibility of completing the house, he added.

(Source: Sunday Times)

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