Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Port City’s public area gets wider under EIA plan

The new Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) plan presented by the government for the Port City shows an increased public area. 

 The area allocated for public usage according their originally negotiated position of September 2014 was 63ha but now it has been increased to 96ha, which has moved the public land area from 27 percent of the total land extent to 36 percent. 

 The public areas will follow an open space concept consisting of a network of public parks and open water, large scale and small-scale streets, public squares and small plazas. Open space provision is based on land use, demographics and maximum walking distances to various facilities creating a hierarchy of open spaces that has the benefits of enhancing the physical character of an area; improving physical and social inclusion, including accessibility; and providing connected routes between places for walking and cycling, and safer routes to schools. 


(Source: Daily Mirror)

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